SpagoBI 3.0, the new version of the only entirely open source, flexible, innovative Business Intelligence suite, is available now

Date: June 16, 2011

With SpagoBI 3.0 Engineering Group marks an important turning point in the domain of enterprisegrade open source solutions. On June 21st the international presentation of the suite in Paris.

Rome, 16th June 2011SpagoBI 3.0, the new version of the only entirely Open Source Business Intelligence suite, which is particularly flexible and suitable to a wide range of operating environments, has been released. SpagoBI covers all the analytical areas of the Information Intelligence domain, enriching it with new themes and innovative solutions. On June 21st, the suite will be officially presented to the market in Paris. All details on SpagoBI suite and on this event are available at

Now SpagoBI offers a new module fully dedicated to the metadata management, allowing users to define different information models within their own data domain and to develop new analytical documents through the complete data sources abstraction. Furthermore, it also includes a new ad-hoc reporting engine for the guided creation of customized reports and a new living image interactive library supporting the realization of advanced cockpits, even on mobile devices, such as iPad, Android tablets as well as iPhone, Blackberry and Android smartphones. The 3.0 release includes an enhanced engine supporting the location intelligence and strengthens the real-time data analysis, based on systems and events interacting with OLTP (On-line Transaction Processing) applications. The next steps include the development of further components, including the what-if and in-memory analysis, as well as the components supporting the planning, budgeting, forecasting and scorecards.

With this release, SpagoBI not only grows to a complete product, including 21 analysis and representation models, some of which are totally unique in the Information Intelligence domain. It also increases the range of services and solutions supporting users in the adoption of the suite, including SpagoBI on-demand and SpagoBI for cloud, in addition to the new support and training services.

"This release allows SpagoBI to strengthen its position as the only complete and entirely Open Source Business Intelligence suite and to stand out among the open source community solutions currently available on the market, thanks to its wide offering and its high quality software. It is a suitable alternative to the best-known proprietary suites" says Grazia Cazzin, OS BI and SOA Competence Center Director and SpagoBI project leader. "The release of these innovative components as open source confirms the choice we made in 2004 to release all SpagoWorld projects as 100% open source software, forever. Nowadays, like never before, these solutions are the right choice for enterprises and public administrations, thanks to the lack of licence costs, to the maturity that these solutions have attained over time, the transparency of the related information and the inexpensiveness of their support services”, states Gabriele Ruffatti, Engineering Group’s Architectures and Consulting Director and founder of the SpagoWorld initiative.

SpagoBI suite is available for free download at OW2 Forge, the global and independent community which guarantees the availability of the open source code over time:

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