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Date: December 18, 2008

Released Spago3, the new version of the Java framework Spago, "father" of the SpagoWorld initiative by Engineering

Rome, 18th December 2008 – Engineering launches on the market the new Spago3 release supporting productivity levels of Java developments. The framework is available for downloading at

Spago, launched for the first time at the end of 2004 and "father" of the initiative SpagoWorld by the Italian group, has been the first project getting Engineering started with a free open source software initiative, certainly far-reaching in terms of technological impact for Italy. The Spago project, subsequently grown globally thanks to the SpagoWorld Initiative (, counts today several projects, it is widely adopted and enjoys a good reputation at international level.

The new Spago3 release has numerous functionalities supporting the enterprises and developers in their daily work; the goal is to enhance the quality of Java development work and productivity. The framework consolidates the previous releases and introduced solutions for journaling and data access, and a new user interface for web applications, also functionally enriched.

Spago3 is a turn-key application, not just an infrastructural skeleton on which the applicative components have to be implemented: it represents a radical change in development activities. New are also the RAD tools for a rapid development, allowing to visually develop the applications without having to write an application code.

"This new framework has already successfully passed many validation processes" – states Andrea Grassi, Project Manager, Engineering, in charge of the development of Spago3 – "and it is the result of the requirements matured by a multi-annual project developed to support highly critical applications".

"With this new Spago release an Engineering's historical project, used widely by the company and by our clients who have approached open source solutions, has been revitalized" – explains Gabriele Ruffatti, Architectures & Consulting Director, Engineering– "To the initial flexibility we added a user-friendliness which integrates with a completely open use model. With Spago3 Engineering makes a step forward to future application developments of free open source software".


It's the Java Open Source framework for the development of web and multi-channel applications in SOA environments.Designed with the aim to support mission-critical projects, according to the MVC architectural pattern, strongly SOA oriented, it allows to implement application services in an independent way from delivery channels and facilitates their integration towards external infrastructures. Developed by Engineering and released under the GNU LGPL license, Spago is hosted by OW2 Consortium, promoting professional, adoptable and sustainable open source solutions in business environments.

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