OW2 widens the Consortium Code-Base with Spagic, a new Project by Engineering Extending SpagoWorld Approach

Date: May 22, 2007

The Italian company Engineering announces Spagic at the OSBC in San Francisco, a new free/open source Enterprise Integration Platform based on SOA paradigm

Spagic is a solution composed by a set of visual tools and back-end applications oriented towards planning, realization, deploy and monitoring of ESB infrastructures adherent to the SOA paradigm. By means of visual tools, Spagic can be easily adopted by different categories of users involved in integration projects, such as: analysts defining the integration processes, developers realising application services, users monitoring and managing the entire system.

Spagic adopts the same architectural model as SpagoBI, the Business Intelligence Free Platform by Engineering, that is an infrastructure integrating different open source components and solutions. It is centred on a meta data repository supplied, in the planning phase, by Eclipse graphical tools and, in the run time phase, by a specific listener for an Enterprise Service Bus solution such as Apache Service Mix in the first version, and also Petals in next releases. It provides both new data integration oriented services, by means of the integration of Talend Open Studio solution, and new binding components. Spagic offers an Enterprise Monitoring & Management solution (system, service and Business Activity Monitoring) based on the SpagoBI platform. More integration are expected in the near future (Bonita for collaborative workflows, Orchestra for BPEL orchestration, Apache Tuscany for Service Component Architecture).

"The SpagoWorld initiative of Engineering is increasing", stated Gabriele Ruffatti, Architectures & Consulting Director, Engineering’s Research & Innovation Division. "It aims at fulfilling the line of solutions based on enterprise level business projects centred on integration platforms thanks to a collaborative approach. In this way, the single adopted solutions can be enriched thanks to new requirements, extensions and integrations and in particular the platforms users can find the way to identify the properly designed mix&match of components for their objectives."

Spagic project promotes collaborative actions and joint activities with different projects of OW2 code base such as Petals, Bonita, Orchestra and the upcoming Talend Open Studio.

"We are pleased to welcome the Spagic project", said CĂ©dric Thomas, CEO of OW2 Consortium "it expands the OW2 code base into an area which is at the forefront of end-users needs. Spagic is a new link in the web of synergistic relationships between consortium members which constitute the ever growing OW2 business ecosystem and a key component in the OW2 Business Intelligence Initiative."

With Spagic the solutions of the Italian SpagoWorld initiative of Engineering Group oriented towards the integration projects are expanded. In particular:
Spago, for projects in which the integration activities occur at presentation level or are focused at applicative level;
SpagoBI, for projects in which the Business Intelligence and Enterprise Integration Information issue is relevant and the ETL processes act at the Data Warehouse implementation;
Spagic, for the elaboration of projects and development of Enterprise Application Platforms adherent to the SOA paradigm, through an ESB solution.
About Engineering Ingegneria Informatica
Founded in 1980, Engineering is the first player of the Information Technology in Italy. With more than 3900 employees, 39 branch offices based in Italy, Ireland and Belgium, the Engineering group counts on a Research and Innovation Division of about 200 resources. In 2004-2006, the company invested 7% of its total revenues of 426 million euro in research and development activities, taking part in all major European projects of software engineering, playing a primary role within international enterprises groupings. Currently there are 20 live research projects and more than 50 domestic and international partners collaborating with Engineering in a European research context. Through the Architecture and Consulting unit, Engineering carries out the definition of innovative architectural solutions and the realization of complex projects for the different IT market sectors using "best of breed" open-source components, including its OS solutions. More information about Engineering: www.eng.it

About OW2
Founded in January 2007 as a result of the merger of ObjectWeb and OrientWare communities, OW2 is an independent industry consortium dedicated to developing open source code middleware and to fostering a vibrant community and business ecosystem. Building on the legacy of ObjectWeb and OrientWare, OW2 federates more than one hundred organizations and 6000 developers in Europe, Asia and the Americas. OW2 hosts over one hundred technology Projects, including Lomboz, Sync4j, eXo Platorm, XWiki, SpagoBI and JOnAS. Several of these projects are combined into market-driven Initiatives, such as the ESB/SOA Initiative and the Business Intelligence Initiative, which facilitate their implementation by systems integrators, OEMs and end-users. A typical global open-source organization, OW2 aims to bring together grassroots communities across all continents through Local Chapters. To find out more about OW2, visit www.ow2.org

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