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Date: October 22, 2009

Spagic 3.0 released, the open source SOA Universal Middleware

Rome – October 22nd, 2009 – Engineering launches Spagic 3, the new version of the open source solution designed for the development of service architectures.

Spagic 3 offers an innovative approach to the governance of middleware services and to the development of SOA (service-oriented architecture) applications through Universal Middleware, which is highly modular and configurable. This solution is available at

The Universal Middleware model, based on one of the most used standards in the SOA context, such as the OSGi (Open Service Gateway initiative) technology, offers a new development process which gives real answers to the increasing complexity of the architectural specifications, to reusability as well as to the management of various components lifecycle. Spagic 3 increased modularity allows users to realize extensible solutions, which are now even more adaptable to the various application environments.

Spagic 3 includes several innovative functions supporting SOA governance, conceived for those organizations that are improving the quality of the systems services and cooperation processes. OSGi technology has allowed the extension of the available features for the management of the lifecycle of various modules, which can be easily started up any time, in any context: for example, by an Enterprise SOA Platform, J2EE applications and mobility solutions.

"Spagic 3 has already passed a great amount of tests. It is the result of the requirements rising from many long-term projects, aiming to support highly critical applications and products." said Antonio Majori, Engineering’s Senior Technical Manager and founder of Spagic project.

Spagic 3 is composed of many ready-for-use modules: by configuring connectors, infrastructural services, ESB, Complex Event Processing, BPM engines and e-Form engines in a proper way, everyone can realize the most suitable Universal Middleware solution. Governance activities are supported by Spagic Studio, conceived for analysts and developers, as well as by Spagic Monitoring, conceived for operators, responsible for the control and management of the Universal Middleware. More details are available at

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