This year marks a turning point for Engineering Group's Open Source Business Intelligence

Date: March 23, 2011

Engineering Group announces SpagoBI 3.0 and the renewal of its Open Source Business Intelligence solutions and services.

Rome, 23rd March 2011 – Engineering Group announces that next June SpagoBI 3.0 will be released, the new version of the only complete and entirely Open Source Business Intelligence suite. This release will make SpagoBI stand out as the open source solution beyond comparison and as one of the most competitive product on the market, also compared to the present proprietary offering. This marks not only the growth of the product itself, which already includes a wide range of analytical solutions – more than 20 engines covering the different analytical areas of the Information Intelligence – most of which being original and unique. This also allows the availability of a wider range of solutions and services answering the most sophisticated market needs, whose innovations will be made available during this month.

Thanks to the unified and pervasive management of technical metadata, supporting the full abstraction of data sources, SpagoBI 3.0 will allow users to perform graphical analysis and data inquiries on their own information system, according to one’s own specific needs in terms of business analysis. The analytical tools will include new functionalities, including the ad-hoc reporting and in-memory analysis, for the first time available in open source.

During the month of March, the support services will be enriched with:

  • SpagoBI on-demand, the service providing a quick evaluation of SpagoBI suite effectiveness through the agile development of Pilot Projects on Engineering Group’s hosting system. This service provides immediate results and allows to cut down the initial setup and configuration effort, thus reducing one’s learning curve. Delivered directly by SpagoBI core team, it guarantees the best result at the lowest price.
  • new user support and training services;
  • on-line SpagoWorld shop, allowing users to purchase SpagoBI support and training services directly on the website by credit card, including particularly affordable prices, and to enjoy them at one’s own workplace;
  • the new SpagoBI partnership program, fostering the enlargement of a growing international support network.
The following services will be made available in the near future:

  • SpagoBI in cloud, within the Cloe offering of Engineering Group’s Managed Operations Division;
  • SpagoBI for mobile devices, which includes SpagoBI solutions for mobile devices, such as iPad, Android tablets as well as iPhone, Blackberry and Android smartphones;
  • extension of the already available components supporting the real-time business intelligence and the location intelligence for the georeferenced data analysis;
  • a brand new graphical renewal of SpagoBI website and its contents.
"With the announcement of the upcoming SpagoBI 3.0 release, we have started a series of new initiatives aiming to significantly increase the suite effectiveness as well as to enlarge the wide range of services supporting users, the development community and the international support network. – says Gabriele Ruffatti, Engineering Group’s Architectures & Consulting Director and founder of SpagoWorld initiative – This is an engagement we want to fulfil in favour of those who look upon us as actual supporters of a definite open source approach, answering to the real needs of enterprises and public administrations as well, which consider SpagoBI to be the only entirely Open Source Business Intelligence suite and the solution that best fits their own requirements.

This quality leap of SpagoBI suite is the logical and faithful consequence of a development path that heads to the open source without half-measures and ambiguities. – states Grazia Cazzin, OS BI Competence Center Director of Engineering Group and SpagoBI project leader – The new release not only fills some administration and management gaps in Business Intelligence projects. It also strongly relaunches the suite through new end-users functionalities, through the adoption of a completely easy-to-use approach and an intuitive and freely customizable user interface, without reducing the solidity and security of the suite. These are all characteristics that allow SpagoBI 3.0 to be the best Open Source Business Intelligence suite at the enterprise level”.

With the release of this new version, some road shows will be organized in Europe, in the U.S.A. and in Latin America in order to consolidate the international success of the high-quality Italian software through the world.

For all news and the roadmap of SpagoBI suite:

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