Presentation of the new version of SpagoBI 2.0 in Paris

Date: January 27, 2009

Opentech: the first step of the roadshow for the Italian Engineering Group

Paris, 27th January 2009 – Kicks off today in Paris the first step of the roadshow organised by the Italian Engineering Group with the Open Tech event, being held in partnership with Silicon Sentier, the French association for technology companies, to present the new consolidated version of SpagoBI 2.0 to the French market. This product is the free Business Intelligence platform developed by Engineering, already adopted in France by La Poste.

The Opentech meeting aims at demonstrating the new functions of the SpagoBI 2.0 platform to the international community, along with the set of support services developed by the Engineering team. It is also the first official opportunity for direct consultation through testimonials from users and integrators of the solution.

The 2009 version of SpagoBI 2.0 offers a range of new functions to support day-to-day and strategic business, shaped by the high-end nature of its users, both at the decision-making and operational level. The new interface reflects the double standard of easy use and simple design. It is geared towards quick and intuitive use of the various analytical documents managed by the platform, for which the architecture has also been renewed.

The new version is divided into 5 modules and includes an already well-known platform in SpagoBI Server, evolving it significantly and placing it alongside four new components: SpagoBI Studio, a unique and integrated development environment; SpagoBI Meta, the new environment focused on metadata; SpagoBI SDK, the new layer of integration for using SpagoBI in external applications and SpagoBI Applications, to hold all the analytical vertical models developed with SpagoBI. "This new release offers decision-making users tools for quick analysis which are intuitive to use and as effective in summary form as they are in detailed examination" says Grazia Cazzin, Project Leader of SpagoBI "As the only Business Intelligence platform that is entirely and exclusively open source, SpagoBI 2.0 is now in a position to satisfy requirements which once seemed possible only with proprietary products".

SpagoBI is a benchmark solution in the international context of Open Source Business Intelligence platforms and owes part of its success to the design methods chosen by Engineering; methods which rely on flexibility and innovation as the cornerstones of development. In France - a European country at the forefront of the strategic use of open source solutions - SpagoBI is included in the catalogue of solutions identified by La Poste Group for the development of its own applications.

"The Business Intelligence market is on the one hand characterised by the consolidation of operators around a few dominant companies and on the other by supply diversification which leads to new business models, including for example SaaS" says Stefano Scamuzzo, Senior Technical Manager of Engineering "The SpagoBI open source product from Engineering can offer French Public Administration and industry increasing solidity and flexibility in satisfying user requirements as well as strong innovation".

The next stage of the Engineering roadshow is on 3rd February in Milan for the presentation of SpagoBI 2.0 to the industrial community. This will take place in the context of a larger meeting dedicated to open source for the manufacturing segment, in partnership with other open source leading companies like Ingres, RedHat and Talend, which will all demonstrate their solutions.

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This is the Open Source platform promoted by Engineering for development of Business Intelligence solutions extended to all areas of analysis: reporting, multidimensional analysis, graphics, simple or interactive dashboards, geographic representation, modelling and browsing of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), free querying, analytical files, collaborative tools, data mining and ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading). SpagoBI was developed by Engineering with the support of a broader international community. It is part of the international OW2 consortium ( which promotes professional open source solutions that can be adopted and supported in business settings.

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