The new portal of the Italian Open Source Competence Center is on-line now

Date: April 22, 2010

Rome (Italy), 22nd April 2010 – Today, the on-line portal of the Italian Open Source Competence Center, which has been created under the aegis of the Italian Ministry for Public Administration and Innovation, starts its operations. The portal, supported by Engineering and the universities of Insubria, Bozen and Sannio, aims to serve as contact point between the open source supply and demand in Italy.
The Center, which operates on a national scale, is part of the various initiatives started by Italian Ministry for Public Administration and Innovation, which subscribed an agreement protocol with Engineering on 30th March 2010 for the realization of a Competence Centre on Open Source software for the Public Administration, in collaboration with the above-mentioned universities.

Founded on the technical and scientific results produced by the QualiPSo project (, the Italian Competence Center is a no-profit no-loss consortium, whose purpose is to support schools, universities, the local public administration, hospitals, small and medium enterprises, so as to meet their need for open source software and applications.

The Competence Center aims to foster the development and adoption of the open source software, providing users with specific support through software solutions and high-quality services that help manage one’s own daily activities at dramatically reduced costs. Anyone can take advantage of the knowledge, support and training services provided by the Competence Center, in order to understand, customize and adapt the open source paradigm to one’s own needs, as a valid alternative to the currently adopted proprietary solutions.

The offering includes Training, Education, Consultancy, Quality and Labeling services, available for free until January 2011.

"Trustworthiness in adopting Open Source software on a large scale is not a quality that can be claimed without being proved." underlines Matteo Melideo, Engineering’s Project Manager and Coordinator of the Competence Center "This statement of QualiPSo project is what we want to actually do throughout Italy."

The Italian Open Source Competence Center is part of the international network of QualiPSo competence centers, spread over Brazil, Europe, China and Japan.

Free University of Bozen
The Free University of Bozen participates in this project through the Centre for Applied Software Engineering (CASE). The CASE has the objective of studying the applicability of advanced software engineering techniques and support tools in real environments. Its expertise ranges from the agile methodologies and lean management to the open source development, software metrics, e-learning, experimental software engineering, software product lines and reuse. The CASE participates in several national and international projects and supports the organization of various international events, such as the series of conferences on XP 20xx and OSS 20xx.

University of Insubria
The University of Insubria (Università degli Studi dell’Insubria) is a new, fast-growing university, headquartered in Varese and Como, Italy. The university is composed of 5 faculties and 17 departments, centred on subjects concerning applied sciences, exact sciences, economics, medicine and law. The research activities on software engineering are managed by the Computer Science and Communication Department, which owns the research expertise on Software Engineering and in particular on Open Source, thanks to the contribution of a group of researchers of international standing, who have jointly worked and are still working on several enterprise software development projects.

University of Sannio
Founded in 1998, the University of Sannio is one of the most recent and dynamic academic and research institutions in Italy. The Research Center On Software Technology (RCOST) of the Engineering Department is a multidisciplinary research group, entirely focused on software and applications. The RCOST supports several educational and research projects, through which the open source software becomes a necessary means of growth and spread of border knowledge.

Engineering Group
Engineering Group is the major Italian player in IT design, outsourcing, product and consulting services on all vertical markets, with more than 6,300 people and 40 offices in Italy, Ireland, Belgium and Latin America. Engineering Group has one of the largest Research & Innovation Departments, relying on 250 highly specialized researchers, committed to fostering innovation and to constantly transferring the results to the various Engineering’s business units. It manages Engineering’s main open source initiatives, in particular the SpagoWorld Initiative, including the open source projects SpagoBI, Spagic, Spago4Q and Spago.

QualiPSo project
QualiPSo project is a unique international alliance of European, Brazilian and Chinese ICT industry players, SMEs, researchers, public sector bodies and academics, whose role is to help industry and governments fuel innovation and competitiveness through Free Open Source Software. QualiPSo is one of the largest Free Open Source initiatives funded by the European Commission, under EU’s FP6, as part of the Information Society Technologies initiative.

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