Engineering Group sponsors the first fOSSa Conference: where open source meets Academia

Date: October 14, 2009

Engineering Group sponsors fOSSa 2009, the first edition of a new international conference on relations among industry, open source communities and research centers.

Rome, October 14th 2009 – Engineering Group, Italy's leading provider of IT services, sponsors fOSSa 2009, the first edition of a new international conference on relations among industry, open source communities and research centers, taking place on 17th and 18th November 2009 at the World Trade Center in Grenoble, in France.

The Conference aims at reviewing open source fundamentals (business models, licenses, collaboration, community building and management, promotion, exploitation, sustainability) and presents innovating projects and experiences coming from different communities. The participation in the conference is open and free, upon registration:

The history of free/open source software can be traced back to academic origins: distributing source code under a permissive license was the de facto rule in academia in the 70s. Since then, free/open source software has become a wide spread paradigm in the IT market but its alignment with academic goals has progressively been forgotten. Nowadays, software innovation is an adding-value process that needs a new form of joint collaboration among enterprises, academia and free/open source software specialists. On the one hand, IT companies run business models based on free/open source software, which meet modern industry requirements. On the other hand, researchers contribute to innovation and foster its spreading in the society. Thanks to fOSSa Conference, they can meet free/open source software as a reference environment for industry and research development activities, through which many actors contribute to the growth of a collective strategy, which benefits by research innovation and enterprises experience.

"Engineering is proud to sponsor this conference and to contribute to its organization. – says Gabriele Ruffatti, Engineering's Architecture and Consulting Director – Engineering continues to demonstrate its real commitment in open source, meeting its customers' needs and operating in an open environment, with the aim of bringing real innovation into the market".

The Conference has been co-organized by INRIA (a public science and technology institution which, under the supervision of the French Ministry of Research and Industry, has 2,800 researchers working within more than 160 project teams, whose majority collaborates with other organizations, universities and higher education institutions) and OW2 Europe Local Chapter, which represents the OW2 Consortium at the European level, a global open source community devoted to the development of open source software and to the support of a strong community and business ecosystem.

In addition to some representatives of Engineering Group, conference speakers include members of Apache Community, Eclipse Foundation, HP Fossology, INRIA, Mandriva, OW2 Consortium, Sun Microsystem, the University of Paris VII and the University of Milan.

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