VMware and Engineering announce their partnership to develop Cloud projects and using open source technology

Date: May 14, 2011

Milan, 24th May 2011 – VMWare, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), world leader in virtualisation and Cloud infrastructures, and Engineering (FTSE Italia Star, ENG.MI) announce a partnership aimed at developing joint Cloud projects and using open source technology.

According to the agreement, Engineering, which has been Vmware's SI/SO partner since 2007, will use VMware vFabric solutions to develop their own open source applications and to support them on the WMware framework. The first step in this partnership was to diffuse use of the VMware suite in the provision of Cloe, the Italian group’s cloud computing platform (www.eng.it/web/eng/cloud-cloe).

VMware vFabric combines the sophisticated Spring Java development framework with platform services such as low impact application servers, global data management, cloud ready messaging, dynamic load balancing and application performance management. The WMware vFabric platform-based applications will provide high level performance and portability in the heterogeneous cloud environments.

Thanks to this collaboration, WMware and Engineering will consolidate their leadership in open source and cloud environments, in order to offer cutting-edge solutions to their customers by exploiting all the advantages of new technological paradigms and the consideration of IT as a service extended to Platform as a Service, in open source environments too.

"WMware is moving towards an “IT as a service” model. This presumes a complete change of perspective, transforming the concept of IT as a centre of cost into a true service tied to company business", says Alberto Bullani, Regional Manager of VMware. "The collaboration with Engineering helps to consolidate this concept and allows us to extend it to the application development market."

"VMware technology", says Giuseppe Pellicano, Engineering's partnership relations manager, "is a decisive element in the preparation of our Cloud offer. The agreement with VMware allows us to experiment the efficacy of vFabric solutions as an infrastructure for deploying projects based on SpagoBI, the Engineering Open Source solutions, and also improves the proposition level of the CLOE platform."

VMware offers virtualisation and cloud infrastructure solutions that allow IT organisations to lead growth in companies of any size. Thanks to the characteristics and benefits of the virtualisation platform – Vmware vSphere® - companies turn to VMware to reduce overheads and other costs, improve flexibility, ensure business continuity, increase security and protect the environment. With a 2010 turnover of 2.9 billion dollars, more than 250,000 customers and more than 25,000 partners, VMware is a market leader in virtualisation, which is confirmed as a strategic priority on the agenda of any CIO. VMware is based in Silicon Valley with offices worldwide and can be found online at www.vmware.com.

Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A.
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Engineering plays a leading role in software research, coordinating several national and international projects via a network of over 50 scientific and university partners throughout Europe.

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