Engineering sponsors the Exaptation International Workshop

Date: September 09, 2009

Engineering's participation marks its commitment to bleeding-edge innovation

Rome, 3rd September 2009 - Engineering, Italian leading provider of IT services, participates in the Exaptation 2009 International Workshop, entitled "Exaptation as a source of innovation, creativity and diversity in evolutionary sciences", taking place in Gargnano del Garda from 7th to 9th September (for details:

Exaptation is a new way of looking at innovative management processes, which goes beyond any logic of prediction, planning and control, towards self-organisation and ecology. This new form of innovation requires a multidisciplinary approach as well as flat organizations, which foster the exchange of information and knowledge. This way, the potentials which anticipate the future, instead of just pursuing it, can emerge. In this contest, the management ability lies in the building of an organizational context, capable of generating a potential reserve, made of resources, pre-adapted competences and relations, which are able to face different types of events when they happen. This is the origin of a precious potential reserve, which allows dynamic organizations to continuously transfer innovations from one context to another one, also making "old" innovations revive in "new" research and development environments.

Engineering's Research & Innovation Division presents its privileged experience in this field, gained during the development of various open source initiatives.

"The open source is a concrete example of innovation within the knowledge society, where different actors, operating within a common ecosystem, contribute to the creation of a value ecology as the place for the development of creativity and shared values, without forgetting their own business objectives" says Gabriele Ruffatti, Engineering's Architecture & Consulting Director. "Through its participation in this event, Engineering continues to demonstrate its commitment to the bleeding-edge innovation, not only when the latter regards the development of new technologies, but also when it looks at new ways of interpreting the market".

"In a complex and globalized world, where economical actors' behaviour appears to be more and more characterized by widespread strategic and operative interdependences, the biological concept of exaptation helps us to catch new modes of innovation and new interactions between basic and applicative innovations. Moreover, it offers new manners of forecasting future events." says Luciano Pilotti, Professor of Economics and Business Management at the Department of Economics, Business and Statistics, University of Milan. "The concept of exaptation challenges the traditional management approach, characterized by a rational and top-down managerial and strategic control. In fact, it supports adaptive governance models, to be used on precious enterprise recourses, both if they are self-organized and "bottom-up" or shared within the organization. In this case, they appear to be more consistent with an innovation-oriented growth, seen as the foresight of a possible future. As a consequence, the Research & Innovation Divisions of dynamic enterprises are going to undertake new tasks, within a new culture, based on the quality of business practices".

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