Engineering widens its free/open source software offering. Launched SpagoBI, the first complete platform of Business Intelligence developed in Italy.

Date: September 20, 2005

Engineering widens its free/open source software offering

Rome, September 20th 2005 – SpagoBI, the first Business Intelligence Free Platform developed by Italian software researchers and players, is available at It is one of the few European initiatives on the free/open source software as alternative to proprietary solutions referred to this business domain.

SpagoBI is a complete suite for the development of Business Intelligence projects in an integrated environment: it is able to cover the full range of functional aspects, such as the data and metadata organization, static and dynamic inquiring, hidden information discovering by means of data mining techniques, the building of a structured and dynamic publishing and control suite.

The first release of SpagoBI, enriched by a demo environment, offers an infrastructure supporting reporting activities and dimensional analysis in a context managing its approval process, release management, parametric activation and visibility based on end-users' roles.

Within the end of September, a new and consolidated version will be released together with a substantial enrichment of the demo environment, for a better visibility of analytical documents and dashboards.

This project, extremely complex because of the large number of involved external functionalities, presents a middleware solution enabling the design and development of Business Intelligence initiatives, embracing the philosophy of evolutionary approaches and of step-by-step progresses, obtaining some results at first, rather than all results at the end.

"SpagoBI – as explained by Grazia Cazzin, Project Manager of the new platform – is a useful tool to get started with Business Intelligence projects with a new ratio among size, cost and quality compared to current price discrepancies on many solutions developed with proprietary products."

SpagoBI uses both most interesting and available free/open source software solutions and new software components in order to offer to the market a really integrated platform giving a standard vision of the different analytical areas, while keeping their peculiarities, through a cross and independent management of control and navigation variables on data.

"Engineering's SpagoBI design – continued Grazia Cazzin – focuses on adding value to enterprises and to Public Administrations in the use of existing analytical motors. The interaction mode with available open source tools is open, such that several ones could be used in parallel or as an alternative. In any case, also proprietary engines could be integrated in the platform, in order to allow an incremental migration toward a full open source solution when necessary."

Free/open source solutions' integration and new software components are realized by means of Spago, the J2EE free software framework already released a few months ago by Engineering Ingegneria Informatica.

This new initiative strengthened the free software/open source offering, mainly addressed to the public administration and large enterprises market that the Research & Innovation Division of Engineering Ingegneria Informatica makes available thanks to the growth of the developed infrastructure starting from Spago, the J2EE framework.

"Thanks to SpagoBI release" - stated Gabriele Ruffatti, Architectures and Consulting director of the Research & Innovation division - "Engineering steers the development of open source solutions toward middleware in order to allow enterprises to develop solutions for an easier achievement of their own mission-critical goals."

"Enterprise solutions, together with professional services – continued Gabriele Ruffatti – can ease the industrial development of open-source software within the context of a general reliability framework depending on quality, open standards, innovation and the punctual selection of the licensing model".

In order to increase the reliability level of its open source solutions, SpagoBI comes with a "supportservices contract" to guarantee - to clients who may require it – both software assistance and maintenance as well as professional services for integration.

SpagoBI has not been designed and developed for a domestic market only: in fact, great emphasis has been given to developing standards and documents. Trading and strategic initiatives are underway to quickly extend the development community in Europe, anticipating the demand coming from the market of complete solutions of free /open source software for a sector arising more and more interest and attention.

Engineering Ingegneria Informatica
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