Engineering Group leader of two new Eclipse projects

Date: May 11, 2010

Engineering Group contributes to the realization of the new Eclipse Open Source SOA platform through the eBAM and eBPM projects. The first releases are scheduled for July 2010.

Rome (Italy), 11th May 2010 – Some days after the news about the launch of the Eclipse SOA Industry Working Group, aiming to define a new common Eclipse SOA platform, Engineering is pleased to announce two new projects, belonging to this initiative:

  • eBAM (extended Business Activity Monitoring, aiming to realize an advanced platform for the monitoring of heterogeneous services and applications (infrastructures, processes, components) and the historical analysis of data
  • eBPM (eclipse Business Process Management, aiming to realize a complete BPM solution, based on the OSGi standards and Eclipse Equinox project.
These two new projects strengthen Engineering’s position as a committed member of Eclipse Foundation, by contributing two new solutions that will complete the Eclipse open source stack. The first one offers an extended analytical monitoring system. The second one is a complete solution that provides a wide range of development and management tools, integrating the reliable real-time solution provided by Eclipse.

The Italian company provides professional support services for both eBAM and eBPM projects, through SpagoBI and Spagic, which integrate their results. Engineering will take advantage of these new projects, to extend the potential of SpagoWorld projects to the Real-Time Intelligence and Business Activity Monitoring domains, which are currently leaded by proprietary solutions. Actually, by integrating eBAM with the other SpagoWorld projects, it will allow the combined use of process structured data, real-time information and historical data, in order to achieve a more efficient management and more pervasive visualization of the enterprise processes. Moreover, the eBPM project will enrich and consolidate Spagic core, thanks to the adoption of the Eclipse solution, which is already considered to be one of the most efficient open source products on the market.

The first versions of the eBAM and eBPM projects will be released in July 2010.

"Thanks to these new projects, Engineering is strengthening its commitment to the most renowned open source communities" said Gabriele Ruffatti, Engineering’s Architectures and Consulting Director and founder of the SpagoWorld initiative. "We are going to largely contribute to the development of the new Eclipse SOA platform as well as to further develop and strengthen our main open source projects SpagoBI and Spagic".

"We are very excited to have Engineering leading two new Eclipse open source projects," explained Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director, Eclipse Foundation. "Their leadership and participation in the Eclipse community is important for the adoption of Eclipse technology by large enterprises."

Engineering Group
Engineering Group is the major Italian player in IT design, outsourcing, product and consulting services on all vertical markets, with more than 6,300 people and 40 offices in Italy, Ireland, Belgium and Latin America. Engineering Group has one of the largest Research & Innovation departments, relying on 250 researchers. The Open Source, Business Intelligence and SOA Competence Center is part of the Research & Innovation Department. It manages various open source initiatives, such as the SpagoWorld Initiative, including the open source projects SpagoBI, Spagic, Spago4Q and Spago.

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