Engineering Group presents its new solutions built on Jazz platform and its new Eclipse projects at ECLIPSE-IT 2010

Date: September 29, 2010

Rome, 29th September 2010 - The annual event ECLIPSE-IT is starting tomorrow in Savona. Organized by the Eclipse Italian Community, supported by many universities and enterprises, this workshop is a meeting point for researchers, students and professionals interested in experimenting, developing and supporting the Eclipse platform.

The 2010 edition includes a dedicated session on Jazz, the development platform based on the Enforcing Team Cooperation (ETC) Project. Engineering Group, together with Nexen, the management consulting firm within Engineering Group specialized in business functional modelling, will present the new Change, Configuration & Release Management solution, based on the Jazz platform and the IBM Rational Team Concert.

Designed and developed for an important Italian bank, the solution exploits the potentials of the new platform, allowing a real Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management.

Engineering Group's Research & Innovation Division will present eBPM and eBAM projects, which became part of Eclipse ecosystem in 2010. They are supported by the SpagoWorld community, with its long experience in developing open source solutions, including Spagic, whose core is based on eBPM, and SpagoBI, which can be integrated with eBAM. Like Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment), these solutions are based on the OSGi technology. They have already allowed the realization of various projects in the Healthcare and Public Administration domains.

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ECLIPSE-IT will be followed by the Eclipse Day in Rome on 5th October 2010, the first event taking place in Italy focusing on the enterprise adoption of Eclipse-based solutions, organized by Engineering Group and supported by vendors and IT leaders.

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