Engineering Group supports the new Eclipse Helios release

Date: June 23, 2010

Eclipse Helios Release brings new SOA Functionality

Rome, 23rd June 2010 – Engineering Group, Italy’s largest operator in the IT services market, Solutions Member of Eclipse Foundation and member of the Eclipse SOA Industry Working Group (, is pleased to announce its participation in the launch of Eclipse Helios Release, available from today ( As a part of this new release, the Eclipse SOA Industry Working Group offers an updated version of its Eclipse SOA Platform. With the integrated SOA tooling, the platform allows developers to build and deploy custom services very easily. On the runtime-side, the platform offers an enterprise-ready SOA Framework with comprehensive functionality.

Thanks to this new release, new features are integrated in the Eclipse SOA Platform. The platform supports a comfortable deployment of OSGI/Equinox-based services. For developers this means less manual work and lower risks of faults during the deployment phase. As a result, they can concentrate more on the business-side of services development.

For a smooth start with the Eclipse SOA Platform, the IWG has further integrated an interactive tutorial wizard, which assists in setting up the SOA infrastructure and the development of services. With Helios, a first tutorial covering the basics of the platform is already available as part of the Eclipse SOA Platform download package. Further tutorials addressing more advanced SOA topics are already in work and will be released soon.

To make the first tutorial even more attractive, the IWG has additionally integrated a fully functional service registry. This allows developers to realize more advanced SOA scenarios which are characterized by e.g. growing numbers of services or a distributed team of developers that need a central service store for a better coordination of service development processes.

While the new version of the Eclipse SOA Platform is available with the Eclipse Helios Release, the IWG is already working on new features for future releases. In detail, the IWG is focusing on SCA 1.1 support and new BPM and eBAM features. For information about new releases of the SOA Platform, please visit the initiatives website at

"We are excited to participate in the launch of Eclipse Helios release. Engineering Group’s commitment is focused on making the next release richer and more easy to use, also through eBAM and eBPM projects" says Gabriele Ruffatti, Research & Innovation Division, Engineering Group.

"With the Helios Release of Eclipse SOA, the IWG makes the next step in building up a complete, integrated and entirely open-source-based SOA Platform" says Ricco Deutscher, CTO of SOPERA. "Just two months after the foundation of the working group, the new features of the platform are showing the strong commitment of the IWG in the platforms successful further development"

"Obeo is proud to celebrate the Helios Release of Eclipse SOA, and to see the emergence of an integrated open-source SOA Platform" says Stephane Drapeau, Obeo. "For us, one of the most exciting future features will be the integration of SCA 1.1 as basis for cartography and migration tools. The SCA standard appears as a great solution to refactor applications with interconnections between legacy and modernized systems"

Engineering Group
Engineering Group is the major Italian player in IT design, outsourcing, product and consulting services on all vertical markets, with more than 6,300 people and 40 offices in Italy, Ireland, Belgium and Latin America. Engineering Group has one of the largest Research & Innovation departments, relying on more than 250 researchers and technologists. Engineering’s Open Source, Business Intelligence and SOA Competence Center is part of the Research & Innovation Division, which manages the SpagoWorld Initiative, including the open source projects SpagoBI, Spagic, Spago4Q and Spago. Visit and

Eclipse SOA Industry Working Group
The goal of the Eclipse SOA Industry Working Group ( is to define a common Equinox-based SOA platform, including tools and runtime components, that can be used by vendors, system integrators and enterprises for SOA deployments. The working group is a collaboration of industry players, including Engineering Group, itemis, Obeo and SOPERA. Each of these companies will use the Eclipse SOA platform for their own solutions. The collaboration is focusing on defining an 'Eclipse SOA package' that is available for download from and on the definition and implementation of future requirements for the SOA platform.

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