OW2 Consortium launches Business Intelligence Initiative at Solutions Linux in Paris

Date: January 31, 2008

OW2 Consortium launches Business Intelligence Initiative at Solutions Linux in Paris.

Paris, France, January 31st, 2008 – OW2 Consortium launches a new Initiative in the Business Intelligence (BI) domain at the OW2 Conference, held at the Solutions Linux Paris trade show.

An OW2 BI Initiative is a market-driven collaborative activity undertaken to promote adoption of the Consortium's technologies by mainstream market players; it facilitates technology integration between OW2 projects and helps build business synergies between members and non-members. OW2 intends to become a major player in driving innovation in the emerging open source Business Intelligence market, thereby demonstrating the advantage of the OW2 code base.

The BI Initiative software platform leverages OW2 projects. Its main components currently are: SpagoBI, the Business Intelligence free platform provided by OW2 co-founder and Strategic Member Engineering Ingegneria Informatica who is leading the Initiative, and Talend Open Studio, the ETL tool, provided by OW2 member Talend, the leader in open source data. In addition to Engineering Ingegneria Informatica and Talend, the first participants in the Initiative are Altic, a French open source integrator, Luxembourg-based Artemis Information Management, an established leader in statistical and economic analysis, Italian laboratories active in the datawarehouse and BI domains from the Universities of Bologna, Milan and Trento.

The BI Initiative covers three areas: a) technology: to enhance the maturity of current OW2 BI code-base and create dedicated implementations addressing specific needs of vertical markets, b) research: to develop a new generation of BI infrastructure using new models and new technologies, and c) business practices: to explore business models, end-user needs, and new services.

"The group of participants in the Initiative" says Gabriele Ruffatti, OW2 Board member and Initiative Team Leader, "is already a good example of the network we want to develop. It's made up of developers, integrators, SMEs, users, and researchers. The group will allow us to meet our goals in the different areas we are addressing".

"I speak for the whole OW2 community when I say we fully support the BI Initiative, the first of its kind in OW2 to take-off" says Cedric Thomas, OW2 Consortium CEO. "The BI Initiative takes OW2 up to a new level in its development." he adds.

Within the next six months, the Business Intelligence Initiative will provide its first deliverables and recruit more participants.

About OW2
Founded in January 2007 as a result of the merger of ObjectWeb and OrientWare communities, OW2 is an independent industry consortium dedicated to developing open source code middleware and to fostering a vibrant community and business ecosystem. Building on the legacy of ObjectWeb and OrientWare, OW2 federates more than one hundred organizations and 6000 developers in Europe, Asia and the Americas. OW2 hosts some one hundred technology Projects, including Lomboz, Funambol, eXo Platorm, XWiki, SpagoBI and JOnAS. Several of these projects are combined into market-driven Initiatives, such as the ESB/SOA Initiative, the E-Goverment Initiative and the Business Intelligence Initiative, which facilitate their implementation by systems integrators, OEMs and end-users. A typical global open-source organization, OW2 aims to bring together grassroots communities across all continents through Local Chapters.
More information about OW2: www.ow2.org

About the BI Initiative
The OW2 Members participating in the BI Initiative are:

Other participants include:

More information on the BI Initiative: www.ow2.org

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