SpagoBI 4.1 is out: download it now!

Date: December 03, 2013

SpagoBI 4.1 is available now. Download it here!

This version offers several improvements and new features supporting Self-service BI and Location Intelligence, including:

  • improved management and visualisation of one’s own datasets, which can be categorized (User, Technical, Enterprise)
  • building tailored analysis on one's own data sets through the QbE (Query-by-Example) engine, in addition to developing multi-tab analytical documents through the Worksheet engine
  • creating and managing public users and self-registered users
  • creating and managing communities, through which users can share their analytical documents
  • new user interface for the GeoReport engine, allowing the aggregation and interactive navigation of one’s own business data and geographic data on thematic maps
  • document browser improved interface.

All details are available in the release notes.

The on-line demo is available here. Try it now!

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