SpagoBI 3.2 is out! Download it now!

Date: November 04, 2011

SpagoBI 3.2 has been released. Download it now here!
This release includes several new features, whose main ones follow.

SpagoBI Server

  • Dynamic visualization of the document activation parameters: by setting the values of a parameter, the other values can be hidden
  • It allows to preset the current date in the parameter request calendar
  • Composite documents:
    • in addition to guiding the navigation through the document, the cross-navigation also allows to open a new document and to go back to the composite document anytime through the breadcrumbs
    • export of a single quadrant.
  • Console:
    • export to excel
    • server-side paging
    • dynamic column name (depending on a specific data set column)
    • in-line graphs with dynamic thresholds, which can be read by the data set
    • management of mutually exclusive actions on a raw.
  • BEA web-logic certification ( version)
  • Worksheet:
    • it can be used with non-QbE data sets
    • it allows to reduce the fields domain thought a lookup window
    • automatic management of the % fields on the sum of each raw and column.
  • QbE:
    • flat tables management
    • wizard for the guided creation of bands (age brackets, income brackets, etc.).
  • Office documents: zoom management.

SpagoBI Meta/Studio

  • the management of calculated fields on a Business Model
  • the management of fields typology.

Try SpagoBI 3.2 Demo now!

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