SpagoBI 2.6 available now!

Date: July 08, 2010

SpagoBI 2.6 has been released! It is now available for free download here.
The most important innovations of this new release concern:
  • SpagoBIConsoleEngine, a new external engine, which enables users to monitor real-time data, providing graphical widgets and tools.
  • SpagoBICommonJEngine, a new external engine, which offers the opportunity to start/stop jobs. Each developer can implement his/her own job as Java class, before running it.
  • SpagoBIJPaloEngine. This external engine, based on JPalo client, allows users to manage OLAP documents. Palo Pivot 3.2 is integrated into SpagoBI suite and interacts with Mondrian embedded server through an XMLA-connection.
  • SpagoBIQbeEngine:
    • It offers new QbE external services. Once the query has been executed, users can select one or more results, set records and send them to external services (web services).
    • A new in-line calculated field has been added. Users’ expressions are included into the query, becoming result set columns.
The Demo is available here.

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