SpagoBI 2.0 - The Open Source Business Intelligence goes ahead

Date: May 18, 2009

In the Resource area of the SpagoWorld website, a new article entitled "SpagoBI 2.0 - The Open Source Business Intelligence goes ahead", written by Stefano Scamuzzo, Engineering’s Senior Technical Manager, is available in three versions as Italian-English, English-French and English-Spanish parallel text.

The article, already published in Italian in the magazine “Toolnews” n. 4 - April 2009, describes how the SpagoBI adoption approach has changed from year to year since the wave of the first projects based on SpagoBI, characterized by the cautious will of testing the ability of open source solutions to compete with the main proprietary solutions at a reasonable price. The testing strategies have been replaced by substitution strategies of proprietary platforms and sometimes by a strategic choice of open source solutions.

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