Announcing new free/open source software license for SpagoBI suite

Date: May 21, 2012

The SpagoBI Competency Center of Engineering Group is pleased to announce that the next version of SpagoBI suite will be released under the Mozilla Public License version 2.0.

This move will provide more flexibility to users wishing to make their business intelligence analysis easier by using an industry-grade product that is 100% free and open source software, avoiding both software lock-in, and vendor lock-in.

MPLv2 is a “file-level copyleft”, simple, short, modern, understandable license.

It has been designed to encourage contributors to share modifications they make to MPL-licensed code, while still allowing users to create projects that combine MPL-licensed code with code under other licenses, either open source or proprietary ones.

MPLv2 has been approved as a free software license by the Free Software Foundation, and as an Open Source license by the Open Source Initiative.

SpagoBI has chosen to use MPLv2 without the "Incompatible With Secondary Licenses" notice, so that GNU (L)GPL compatibility is maintained, with the result that SpagoBI may be combined with (L)GLP-licensed software according to the guidelines provided with the MPLv2.

Therefore, the new SpagoBI software license will encourage a wider adoption of the suite, while preserving its own characteristics as follows:

  • it's a weak copyleft licence based on the protection of the free code included in the "file"
  • it’s a commercial friendly license: a file can be “linked” to open source and proprietary third-party software
  • it's free software, GNU (L)GPL compatible.

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