SpagoBI 1.9 stable release is out

Date: July 26, 2006

SpagoBI team is pleased to announce the new 1.9 stable release of the platform.

The main available new functionalities and improvements are :

  • BIRT integration as new report engine
  • QbE (Query by example) new features: export data e report template generation
  • Related parameters, related documents, CMS improvements
  • Import/export functionality for SpagoBI metadata and CMS, to cover migration between environments and releases. This useful feature has been released as SpagoBI 1.8 add-in too, to simplify the migration towards new release
  • Dasboard from Query LOV
  • Import/export of SpagoBI repository
  • Data Mining integration with Weka Engine (ALFA version)
  • Collaboration module (ALFA version)

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