Spagic 3.1.0 released!

Date: July 30, 2010

Spagic 3.1.0 is available now here. This new version offers some new cool features and bug fixes.
The main innovations are related to the usage of Spagic as OSGi Service Container:

  • It offers a new InVM connector that allows Client Web Applications to invoke OSGi services hosted on a Service Container Web Application running on the same application server, without performance degradation due to serialization and network overhead. Further details on this feature are available in the document Spagic 3 Deployment Models.
  • Now Spagic allows the Dynamic Application management. The ability to provide bundles at runtime (hot deploy) without modifying the Equinox startup configuration has been added. This is particularly useful when the Service Manager is used in the embedded mode. This feature allows to add new bundles without changing the Service Manager WAR and without stopping and restarting the Service Manager Web Application.
For detailed instructions on how to install and use this release, please see the document Spagic 3 Getting Started.

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