Spagic 3.0.0 now available!

Date: May 11, 2010

Spagic 3.0.0 has been released. Download it now, here.
This new version offers an innovative approach to middleware services governance, based on an OSGi Service Platform. It also allows the execution of SOA applications through Universal Middleware, which is highly modular and configurable around an OSGi kernel, based on the OSGi (Open Service Gateway initiative) model. The Universal Middleware model offers a new development process which gives real answers to the increasing complexity of the architectural specifications, to reusability and to the management of various components lifecycle. Its increased modularity allows users to realize extensible solutions, which are now even more adaptable to the various applicative contexts.
Spagic 3.0.0 focuses on providing both runtime and support tools to realize a complete SOA/BPM solution for OSGi. For the runtime part, Spagic 3.0.0 provides the following features:

  • A core framework (Spagic Core framework) to develop, configure and manage OSGi services, based on the messaging paradigm. The core framework is built on top of Equinox runtime project.
  • A set of standard connectivity services (such as SOAP, JMS) and business services, built on top of eBPM core framework.
  • Orchestration of OSGi services in the core framework, through one or more bundles (BPMGateway).
  • Extensions towards the Apache ODE engine so as to be able to embed Equinox and eBPM core services into the BPEL engine.
Spagic 3.0.0 main innovations are:

  • A dynamic and adaptable Universal Middleware solution. The modularity of an OSGi model allows Spagic 3.0.0 to be highly adaptable to various contexts, such as: Enterprise Middleware, Lite Middleware, installation of OSGi container on existing applications or on specific systems.
  • Cooperation with external services and support to the most used connectors
  • Orchestration for processes implementation (workflow or BPEL) with manual or automatic activities. Processes interaction is possible through both a work-list web service and calls by already existing applications (API or shared form execution).
  • Forms in PDF format supporting manual activities
  • Monitoring and management of connectors, services and processes lifecycle
  • Extension of the IDE environment, based on Eclipse, for the visual definition of processes (BPMN), services and metadata concerning exchanged messages.
Spagic 3.0.0 modules are:

  • Spagic Studio, based on Eclipse IDE. It offers the following features:
    • Service Designer for the visual definition of services and the publication through connectors
    • BPM process designer, based on BPMN
    • BPMN towards JPDL and deployment on JBPM OSGi services
    • BPMN generation towards BPEL
    • BPEL designer, extended for the orchestration of OSGi services and deployment on Apache ODE BPEL
    • Forms development
    • WSDL generation
    • OSGi deployment
  • Spagic Universal Middleware, based on OSGi Eclipse Equinox. It has been extended so as to support the following services:
    • Connectors: SOAP/HTTP, File/FTP, TCP/LLP, JDBC poller, SAP, JMS, MAIL
    • Services: ESB, Rules Engine (JBoss Drools), script (groovy)
    • BPM technology extended for the orchestration of OSGi services: BPEL (Apache ODE), Workflow (JBoss JBPM), Human Activity and form.
  • Spagic Monitor, supporting the monitoring of single services, of processes and of the OSGi platform.


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