Spagic 2.5.0 released

Date: May 14, 2009

Spagic team is pleased to announce Spagic 2.5.0 release.
You can download it here.

This release has many new features, improvements and bug fixes among which it is worth mentioning:

  • A completely new Service Engine, which supports the execution of Human workflow processes.
  • Spagic Studio has been extended to support the new Service Engine. Spagic Console is now able to monitor this new processes. A quick start guide is available in the "Spagic Workflow Getting Started " document.
  • Support for JBI sub-processes: this feature allows the developer to split a complex process into a main process and several sub-processes, without loss of performance.
  • Spagic Console has been extended in order to support an easy navigation between JBI sub-processes. The related documentation will be available as soon as possible.
For the complete list of changes please read the release notes.

All issues and bugs which have been solved with this release are related to Spagic JIRA, accessible here (after registration, you have to wait one minute before trying the login).

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