Spagic 2.2.0 Release

Date: July 31, 2008

The Spagic team is pleased to announce the release of Spagic 2.2.0.

This is a major release, providing many new features and improvements and fixing many bugs. All issues and bugs are related to the Spagic JIRA accessible here (after registration, you have to wait one minute before trying the login).

Main new features are:

  • Supported different deployment environments allowing using parameters when configuring the components. This feature allows, for example, to configure a component with different properties according to the different environment where the process has to be deployed. Changing a properties file, one for each environment, the user is able to adjust the process configuration without changing the Service Assembly zip file. Please see "Spagic Studio User Guide.pdf" for additional details.
  • Provided a way/tool to publish the metadb information without Spagic Studio: this feature allows publishing a process on the Spagic MetaDB without Spagic Studio. This is important on medium/big enterprises where the work of moving the processes from integration/test environments to production environments is performed by some technical personnel who has no knowledge about Eclipse and the Spagic tools. A new simple command line tool is provided to perform this operation.Please see "Spagic Studio User Guide.pdf" for additional details.
  • The Spagic Console now works properly also on Internet Explorer (the previous release worked only with Mozilla Firefox).

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