Spagic 2.0.0 Is Now Available

Date: January 29, 2008

Spagic 2.0.0 is now available with a lot of new features and improvements.

The Spagic Studio design environment is a completely new tool based on BPMN.

This new environment enables the role separation between the high level process designer and the technical designer that will perform the deploy.

Spagic 2 also inaugurates the beginning of the collaboration with the Eclipse STP (SOA Tools Platform) Project: in fact, a part of Spagic 2 is released within the Eclipse STP Project under the STP Intermediate Model subproject.

This part is licensed under EPL license, differing from the rest of Spagic that is under GNU LGPL license, but this detail is not relevant for the final user: you can download the entire platform from the OW2 forge.

The Spagic participation in the Eclipse STP project is the demonstration that we are working on the creation of some powerful SOA tools and on integration of the best-of-breed open source solutions to provide a cohesive and integrated solution.

Another important feature of the new Spagic is that it's not anymore strict related to the JBI technology (like the previous version), but it can be used with several technologies: now Spagic supports JBI and also BPEL.

This allows the future Spagic releases support also other technologies.

Spagic Studio, Spagic Console and Service Manager now support execution and monitoring of BPEL processes through usage of Apache ODE JBI Service Engine. It's possible to design BPEL processes with Spagic Studio, to generate BPEL files that can be edited with Eclipse BPEL designer, to deploy on ServiceMix and to monitor everything with the Spagic Console.

For a full description of the new features is available here.

Download the new release here.

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