Open Source Conference (Milan) - Presentations Available

Date: February 06, 2009

The presentations of the "Open Source: Option to the Economic Crisis or Proprietary Software Crisis?" Conference held in Milan on February 3, 2009 are available in the Publications area, as follows:

  • The Role of Software - A. Fuggetta, CEFRIEL (in English);
  • Make, Buy or Open Source? – L.Pilotti, University of Milan (in Italian);
  • SpagoBI, Spagic: Solutions and Integrated Services - S. Scamuzzo, Engineering (in Italian);
  • The New IT Business Model - A. Salvatico, Ingres (in Italian);
  • Red Hat Linux and JBoss Middleware - V. Asta, Red Hat (in Italian);
  • Talend Overview – S. Massé, Talend (in English).

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