New SpagoBI Training and Support Services

Date: March 15, 2010

SpagoBI Training program has been entirely renovated and enriched with a new range of services and supply methods! They have been conceived so as to meet everyone’s requirements, on different knowledge levels.
The courses can be supplied as in-class courses (in-house or on-site formula), on-line courses and tailored training courses.
Moreover, now they are organized according to two different classes. On the one hand, the Entire training program offers four different courses: SpagoBI Suite, SpagoBI Installation & Configuration, SpagoBI Basic Engines, SpagoBI Advaced Engines. On the other hand, the option Engines à la carte allows you to investigate specific features about SpagoBI suite.
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As for SpagoBI Support services, now two different supply methods are available:

  • User support - The service concerns the support to anyone who uses SpagoBI suite for the development of projects and applications. It includes guaranteed replies to questions concerning the proper use of the suite.
  • Maintenance - The service concerns the maintenance of SpagoBI suite and includes bug-fixing activities.
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