Ingres-SpagoBI Bundle 2.0 released

Date: February 25, 2010

SpagoBI/Ingres Analytical Platform 2.0 is out now! You can download it here!

The second version of this entirely open source bundle enterprise solution for Business Intelligence projects, risen from the cooperation between Engineering and Ingres Corporation, improves the Business Intelligence environment, which is based on the SpagoBI Server module of SpagoBI 2.4. In particular, it offers some new analysis tools and a new type of users' interface. Moreover, it enhances the integration and installation process of the metadata repository of the BI Server into Ingres database.

The bundle is released as a totally open source version, downloadable from the OW2 Consortium Forge. Users can also subscribe to a fee-paying service which adds a guaranteed support service, supplied by Engineering's SpagoBI project team and Ingres.

Read the Press Release

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