SpagoBI for Cloud available now!

Date: April 19, 2011

SpagoBI, the only entirely open source Business Intelligence suite, enriches its offering with the new Cloud BI service. It allows you to use an instance of SpagoBI Server, through a remote connection, in order to customize it, upload your data and deploy your analysis.

Thanks to SpagoBI for Cloud, you don’t have to deploy SpagoBI suite on your servers or to buy the licenses of the related software solutions anymore. This also allows you to dramatically cut down the initial setup and “go-live” effort of your Business Intelligence projects.

The SpagoBI for Cloud service requires the payments of a monthly fee including the suite maintenance service. If you activate the service by the end of September 2011, in an open source stack configuration, you can take advantage of a promotion, according to which, for the first 6 months of use of the service, you’ll just pay the maintenance costs.

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