Manifesto of the GeoBI initiative, the open community making open source Location Intelligence adoption pervasive

GeoBI Initiative

GeoBI Initiative aims to foster the pervasive adoption
of Location Intelligence through open source software.

What is Location Intelligence?

The term Location Intelligence (LI) refers to all those processes, technologies, applications and practices capable to combine spatial data (GIS - Geographical Information System) with business data (BI - Business Intelligence), in order to gain critical insights, to better support decision-making processes and to optimize business activities.


  • fostering the pervasive adoption of the Location Intelligence through open source software
  • fostering cooperation between Business Intelligence specialists and GIS specialists
  • encouraging the integration between Business Intelligence solutions and GIS systems.


Key principles of the GeoBI initiative are:

  • creation of new value, through the integration of BI and GIS
  • separation of concerns, by integrating GIS and BI software stacks, thus keeping them decoupled
  • continuous growth, scaling up functionalities incrementally
  • TCO reduction, to facilitate the pervasive adoption of the Location Intelligence.

Main activities

  • involving new members and animating the exchange of ideas within the community
  • foster the adoption of open standards and open source software in the Location Intelligence domain
  • share one’s knowledge gained from experience with others in a plain and open manner
  • promote full-stack integration of Location Intelligence solutions and tools
  • encouraging the constitution of a service network supporting the Location Intelligence stack.

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