Location Intelligence

Nowadays spatial localization is commonly used in several practical fields. An increasing amount of domain appliances integrate a cartographic component. In the Business Intelligence domain, this is called Location Intelligence or GeoBI.

The Location Intelligence combines two types of data - spatial data and business data - and their respective software system families. This offers new decision-making support tools, to overcome the barriers of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the Business Intelligence. This aims to make business data accessible to anyone, considering that business data can be spatially localized by their very nature.

GIS systems - which are not devoid of analytical features - are still far from Business Intelligence applications in terms of integration, manipulation and visualization capabilities. Moreover, Business Intelligence applications are lacking of features supporting the manipulation of spatial data.

Location Intelligence applications allow users to dramatically improve the quality of data analysis based on geography dimension, which is usually contained in corporate data warehouses. For instance, in order to use geographical or spatial filters on business data that have been freely selected and projected over an interactive thematic map. This enables users to quickly identify patterns, trend and critical areas, which an effectiveness that would otherwise be impossible with traditional reporting tools.

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