CNR Geosciences and Earth Resources Institute of Pisa uses GeoReport for managing geothermal data

Date: June 22, 2010


CNR Geosciences and Earth Resources Institute of Pisa has used GeoReport to represent some geothermal indicators on the map within the International Geothermal Association (IGA). Professional support services are provided by Inova and Engineering Group.

IGA (International Geothermal Association) is a non-profit, non-political and non-governmental organization that works with the Economic and Social Council of ONU and European Union partners for Campaign for Take Off (CTO) of renewable energy. The IGA is affiliated with the International Renewable Energy Alliance (Alliance REN).

IGA objectives are to encourage the research, development and utilization of geothermal world resources through the compilation, publication and dissemination of technical and scientific information both in the community of geothermal specialists and not.

In particular, IGA has created and implemented a database containing updated information on geothermal systems installed in the world. The database was used as source data for SpagoBI suite in order to display data in aggregate mode and generate cartographic reports using GeoReport.

SpagoBIGeoReportEngine has allowed to:

  • represent geothermal fields locations in the world in which electricity is produced
  • map the nations that currently benefit from geothermal energy
  • generate and export several reports querying data from a WebGIS OGC compliant interface
  • thematize cartographic features on the map by selecting different indicators

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