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Engineering Group's Open Source Competency Center is a working unit of the Technical, Innovation & Research Division .

Engineering Group is an IT global player and the leading Italian software and services company. Its complete integrated offering covers the whole range of IT services, tailored to the business models of its clients in all markets. Services include technology and strategy consultancy as well as the design, outsourcing, development and deploy of projects and open source and proprietary solutions. With about 7,300 specialists and 40 branch offices, the Group has a global production capacity and a well-established presence in Italy, Belgium, USA and Latin America.

Engineering Group believes that open source software is a crucial element that allows enterprises to quickly achieve their business goals. The company provides the enterprises with its experience and knowledge in the selection, integration, validation of and support to the best open source solutions, including its own solutions and third parties' ones. It offers the full benefits in terms of costs and efficiency, thanks to the convenient licensing schemes and to the high flexibility and robustness of its well-assessed solutions. Its open source approach is a rational engineering approach: analyzing pros and cons, making proper decisions, rather than "ideological" ones.

Engineering Group thinks that, when adequately used, open source software can help generate high returns in terms of investments and enhance the overall quality as well. Engineering Group is active in the open source field at the international level. In 2005, the company became a corporate member of the ObjectWeb Consortium. Since 2007, Engineering Group has been Co-founder and Corporate Member of the OW2 Consortium, whose Forge hosts SpagoWorld projects, guaranteeing independent support with long-term sustainability, provided by the global community. Besides contributing to several open source projects, Engineering Group is active in various national and international open source communities: in particular, it is Solutions Member of Eclipse Foundation as well as Foundation Partner of the Italian Open Source Competence Center. Last but not least, Engineering Group is OSGi Alliance Supporter.

Engineering Group

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