• fostering the pervasive adoption of the Location Intelligence through open source software
  • fostering cooperation between Business Intelligence specialists and GIS specialists
  • encouraging the integration between Business Intelligence solutions and GIS systems.


  • creation of new value, through the integration of BI and GIS
  • separation of concerns, by integrating GIS and BI software stacks, thus keeping them decoupled
  • continuous growth, scaling up functionalities incrementally
  • TCO reduction, to facilitate the pervasive adoption of the Location Intelligence.

Get involved

  • contribute to the development of Location Intelligence solutions towards common objectives
  • contribute your value to the entire ecosystem
  • create new opportunities for collaboration.

Join the GeoBI initiative!

An initiative open to everyone!

  • open to everyone sharing the initiative vision and subscribing the initiative manifesto
  • a plain initiative charter?
  • focus on open source software and open standards as feasible tools to reach the initiative goals
  • all members committed to work on the initiative working topics?.

Who we are!

A joint effort by the initiative members

Why joining the GeoBI initiative?

Many benefits!

  • the chance to drive the growth of one's own solutions in a common direction achieving the best value
  • the involvement into research activities driving innovation
  • a market opportunity
  • the chance to enlarge business opportunities, such as consultancy and services.

GeoBI Highlights

GeoBI initiative aims to foster the pervasive adoption of Location Intelligence through open source software.
Born as a joint effort of companies, communities and individuals, now the initiative is managed by SpagoBI team, aiming at enriching the 100% open source Business intelligence suite (www.spagobi.org) with new features supporting the integration and management of spatial and business data.

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