Release Notes - SpagoBI - Version 3.1.0 - HTML format


  • [SPAGOBI-588] - User Management: role association
  • [SPAGOBI-622] - General cross-nav issue
  • [SPAGOBI-628] - Analytical driver correlation problem when the drivers are displayed as combobox
  • [SPAGOBI-632] - PostgreSQL DB Creation script
  • [SPAGOBI-633] - Problem designing bar chart and line chart
  • [SPAGOBI-634] - Grants saving operation is takes too much time.
  • [SPAGOBI-635] - Error using for spagobi mysql metadata database, on LOV, Checks, Analytical drivers, Engines etc. GUI's lists.
  • [SPAGOBI-638] - Meta is unable to create a metamodel from a postgres schema
  • [SPAGOBI-639] - GeoReport dosn't work with IE9 and FF5
  • [SPAGOBI-640] - When the model editor window is opened for the first time property view is not refreshed properly
  • [SPAGOBI-642] - Navigation problem when a new document is define

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