Open source is a software sharing model but is also characterized by other elements:

  • distribution, which is conditions of use and evolution of the software
  • community, that offers new collaborative models for development
  • architecture, open to facilitate flexibility of use and innovative development
  • commercial support model, to guarantee both sustainability of the solutions over time and the support required by users.

SpagoWorld initiative builds software that maintains a balance between the systems integrator’s vision – that designs and realizes innovative and competitive solutions able to satisfy its clients’ needs assuring a high level of flexibility and integrability – and the vision of the producer who releases mature, reliable solutions that have a full set of support services. To this end, it participates both in the most important global communities and in other specific initiatives, contributing to the creation of a story of networking, experience, collaboration and openness that still offers results in the innovation of the ICT market.

Open source products guarantee all the users for independence of solutions, quality of development and their availability over time to their users.