SpagoBI Open Day 2012 in NYC

Flexibility over Lock-in
Agility over Product contraints

The SpagoBI Open Day 2012 in NYC offers a complete overview of SpagoBI, the 100% open source, complete and flexible business intelligence suite.

Morning sessions will provide attendees with an overview of the suite, including a general presentation of SpagoBI and a complete demo; a preview of upcoming developments addressing emerging topics such as mobile, real-time, and big data analytics; users presentations addressing their rationale for selecting SpagoBI; and a practice session.

Afternoon sessions will familiarize developers and integrators with the SpagoBI environment and technical aspects through hands-on work. Participants will walk through a quick start-up demo and how-to guide to develop business intelligence applications in an agile approach.

Optionally, individual working sessions for participants interested in SpagoBI capabilities and collaboration opportunities can be scheduled for the following days.

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