ISV-OEM of SpagoBI, the only 100% open source, complete and flexible business intelligence suite

SpagoBI open source license is a commercial-friendly license. This means that you can realize and distribute applications based on SpagoBI, under a license of your choice, provided that:

  • any SpagoBI suite derived work (e.g.: modifications/extensions to SpagoBI software) must be compliant with SpagoBI legal policy and licenses
  • any distribution of the entire work (new software plus SpagoBI suite) must be compliant with SpagoBI legal policy and license (e.g.: you must inform the recipients that you are using SpagoBI and where they can get the source for SpagoBI, including a notice that informs them that the source code is available under the terms of the MPLv2. Moreover, the license of your choice must not interfere with the SpagoBI recipients' rights, provided them by the terms of the MPLv2.).

Find more information about how to distribute software using products released under MPLv2 license at the Mozilla Foundation FAQs.

(All of the above is general observation, it does not constitute legal advice and is provided for informational purposes only; you should obtain appropriate guidance for your jurisdiction).

Our consultants will train your engineers and review their implementation to ensure best practices adoption.

A possible application domain for ISV/OEMs is the realization of SpagoBI Analytics, which fully exploit the potentials of the suite to meet the market requests.

The analytics are developed by market sector (i.e. e-government, financial risk management), by subject (i.e. competitive intelligence, service intelligence, geo-marketing) or by product, as a specific analytical component.

Analytics are composed of a data model and pre-defined analysis. This allows you to take advantage of SpagoBI suite and of all its potentials, without worrying about the management and the development of the suite.

SpagoBI team offers customized consulting and/or maintenance services to all those who realize new SpagoBI analytics, in order to guarantee the proper working of the solution and the investment protection over time.

For more information on ISV/OEM support, please visit the ISV/OEM FAQ section.
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