SpagoBI grows over time according to the project road-map, which is regularly planned and may sometimes vary, depending on the requests expressed by the project and the community.

We know that you may have some specific needs which are not covered in the project road-map. This way, we intend to help you achieve your goals on time and to help SpagoBI improve and grow in terms of features and functionalities, thanks to the requirements coming from your projects, which represent real end-users' needs.

The project core team can realize the solution for you, based on your requirements, and can send it to you by a pre-defined deadline. If you agree, the software will be included into the new project release, as a contribution of yours. This will represent the right answer to your needs and the opportunity to take advantage of our continuous support to the developed software over time. If you contribute the developed software to SpagoBI, we can offer you special development rates.

We can also work with you during all the development phases of the project (inception, requirements outline, design, development). We would be glad to identify a suitable cooperative working arrangement with you.

For further information, contact us.

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