What's SpagoBI?

The only 100% open source, complete and flexible BI suite

  • a complete, robust, secure, scalable, industry-grade OS BI suite
  • 16 analytical areas, more than 30 analytical engines
  • unique solutions, not only usual reporting and charting tools: Geo, QbE, Dossier, KPIs, Interactive Dashboards, Real-time BI.

Why SpagoBI?

SpagoBI is the right choice for information intelligence!

How can I use SpagoBI?

In many ways!

How can I participate?

In many ways!


SpagoBI Server - basic engines

See an overview of SpagoBI Server main basic engines:

SpagoBI Server -advanced engines

See an overview of SpagoBI Server main advanced engines:

Business Intelligence domains

See how SpagoBI fulfil the main BI domains capabilities:


100% open source, forever!

SpagoBI is open source software at enterprise level

  • pure open source model: unique open source stable versions, no proprietary or enterprise versions
  • downloadable software from OW2 Consortium forge, a not-for-profit and independent open source community
  • professional support services to be used when and how long you need them.

An entirely open source approach

A plain and transparent definition of open source rules


SpagoBI Highlights

SpagoBI 5 is coming in September!

With version 5, SpagoBI suite goes beyond traditional Business Intelligence and embraces new frontiers of data analytics.

Among others, it will offer new capabilities for what-if analysis that will allow you to simulate your business scenarios, as well as a new OLAP tool supporting multidimensional data analysis. Moreover, SpagoBI 5 will allow you to easily self-build and design your interactive cockpits, also through in-memory and mash-up technologies. Read more!

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