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August 5th, 2010 by Stefano Scamuzzo

What’s unique in OW2 OS BI ?

That’s the question the OW2 BI Initiative is addressing from its beginning two years ago. Open Source Business Intelligence has reached a widely acceptance witnessed by the number and quality of reports published by the main market analysts. What can be in this context the elements that distinguish OW2 Business Intelligence from the rest of the OS proposal ? Many OW2 members are working in the BI domain providing the OS market with best-of-breed solutions in several segments: database, ETL, analytics, and so on. The BI Initiative is aiming to coordinate these efforts in order to present a clear and efficace proposition to the market. This blog is born in order to define a space where OW2 and non OW2 members can discuss around this topic.

My personal welcome and thanks giving to all people who will contribute to it!

Let’s enjoy our holidays and rendez vous in September for the first input to discussion.

Stefano Scamuzzo – OW2 BI Initiative coordinator